GDNew York City born and raised, I love showing visitors the best parts of this town. We encourage visitors to explore areas of NYCity outside the “midtown tourist ghetto,” and help them find some of the more interesting things to do and see in NYCity. Start each day with our selected events, carefully curated from a wide range of sources – “Only the Best.”

In the old days we didn’t have access to enough information to keep us properly informed. These days there is too much info competing for our attention, requiring too much time and effort to find what’s actually important to us. Our goal at NYCity 1-2-3 is to keep you well informed in the least amount of time. Our motto: “Only the Best”.

The NYC subway is the quickest and cheapest way to get around town, but service cross town is minimal. To avoid wasting time traveling cross town, this site emphasizes event info and insider tips for Manhattan’s WestSide. We primarily, but not exclusively, cover the WestSide area accessible by the IRT Broadway-7th Avenue Subway. Also called the Red Line, it is served by subway lines # 1, 2, and 3. Hence, this site’s name: “NYCity 1-2-3”.

NYC can be an expensive town if you don’t know your way around. This site provides insider tips that help you make the most of your time and money, and discover the best value places to eat and drink. In fact, I plan to publish an E-Book: “Eating and Drinking on NYCity’s WestSide”, which will cover 18 PremierPubs and 54 Good Eating places in 9 Neighborhoods from Lower Manhattan to Greenwich Village to the Upper West Side (now delayed until after the dust settles, post Covid.)

This site also provides carefully selected, essential visitor resources. We highlight selected mobile apps, websites, blogs, and traditional print guides now online. Look for a major revision and update of this info in Fall 2022. There won’t be anything else like it, anywhere else on the internet. 

I will shortly be a licensed tour guide. For a unique NYCity experience, hire me to provide a personal tour. My standard 3 hour tours of Lower Manhattan are a bargain at $29 per person, or I can customize a tour to fit your interests. On Wednesdays I lead an amazing 5 boro tour – not for the faint of heart. All of NYCity by public transportation in one very long day. Soon we will have a special bike tour, “Pilgrimage to the Cloisters.”

On all my tours you will see parts of NYCity that most tourists never see, eat ethnic food that you can’t get back home, and share a beverage at one of my favorite watering holes. Each of my tours will emphasize those photographic opportunities that provide the memories that make any trip special.


We hope you find this site useful. All feedback is appreciated. Contact me at: nycity123.gd@gmail.com.

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