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GDNew York City born and raised, I love showing visitors the best parts of this town, especially those areas outside the “midtown tourist ghetto”. I will shortly be a licensed tour guide. For a unique NYCity experience, hire me to provide a personal tour.

My standard 3 hour tour of Lower Manhattan is a bargain at $29 per person, or I can customize a tour to fit your interests.

Once a week on Wednesdays I lead an amazing 5 boro tour.
All of NYC in one very long day. Not for the faint of heart.

Soon there will be a Cloisters Pilgrimage (by bike). Very Special.

•   On all my tours you will see parts of NYC that most tourists never see, eat ethnic food that you can’t get back home, and share a beverage at one of my favorite watering holes.
•   NYCity can be an expensive town if you don’t know your way around. On all my tours I will share with you my tips for making the most of your time in NYCity without breaking the bank. Learn to be street smart.
•   Each of my tours will emphasize those photographic opportunities that provide the  memories that make any trip special.

NYCity 123 tours will have a special feature no other tours have. Sign up for one of my tours and you may use me as your personal concierge. Call me with questions or requests for advice while you are visiting NYCity. Now that’s special!

To book a tour please contact me at:
or   631-327-5289

Tour Itineraries


Traverse all of NYCity in one very long day (Wednesdays only.)
Not just a tour of classic and hidden NYCity highlights, but a challenge that provides a unique experience for the curious and fit urban explorer. Complete a journey few others have, but if you’re not in shape, don’t even think of trying this one!

By bus, subway, ferry, and of course on foot (many foots), we will
§Window shop the glitzy storefronts on Madison Ave.
«Visit the largest metropolitan zoo in the country
OR Visit the Bronx Botanical Gardens (no Madison Ave with this choice)
≥Lunch at a casual Cuban cafe in NYCity’s most diverse boro
≥Learn about the history, technology, and art of film making
ΩWander thru NYCity’s most charming brownstone neighborhood
ΩStroll along an esplanade with spectacular skyline views
ΩSample some of the best pizza in the hippest boro
ΩAmble through NYCity’s newest, most scenic waterfront park, then
Rest easy as we take the ferry across the river towards the skycrapers of Manhattan
§Take an informative, brief tour through historic Lower Manhattan
§Refresh at Happy Hour at George Washington’s favorite tavern
§Enjoy a drink at the best damn waterfront bar in all of Manhattan
Sail past Lady liberty on a scenic evening harbor cruise on the iconic S.I. ferry
±Savor some very fine tapas and sangria in NYCity’s forgotten boro

Recount the day’s adventure and raise a drink, because you have completed a journey few       others have – all of NYCity by foot and public transportation in one long day.
Be awarded the “5 Boro Tour /” T-Shirt – you’ve earned it!
Finish with a spectacular waterview of the NYCity skyline with the lights all aglow.

AND, if you still have any energy left, we’ll head to Greenwich Village to one of my
favorite no-cover jazz haunts.

only $59 per person pays for me for the entire day and night.
You pay other costs (transit, food & drinks, admissions, etc),
but you’re with me, so everything we do will be fairly inexpensive.


The birthplace of New York City is right next door to NYCity’s newest neighborhood.
What a contrast!

We will start off with the newest piece of NYCity, created on the Hudson River waterfront from the WTC excavation, and move on to old Nieuw Amsterdam.

Breathtaking harbor views, parks, and esplanades. Wall Street skyscrapers, small museum gems, and fine places to eat & drink.

Visit 2 small, but special museums. Browse the largest open stack collection of poetry in the country in a space with sweeping views of the Hudson River. Later visit my favorite small museum in Manhattan. Housed in the old U.S. Customs house, with maybe the finest public interior in town, this museum celebrates the heritage of Native Americans.

Explore celebrated landmarks. Walk the oldest cobblestoned streets in Manhattan. Visit the magnificently restored Winter Garden across from Ground Zero, then feel the sense of loss at the “Reflecting Absence” memorial pools and the less well known, but unforgetable  “11 Tears Memorial.”

Examine the pockmarks left by the 1920 anarchist’s bomb on the J.P.Morgan bldg. on Wall Street. Inspect Trinity churchyard’s oldest gravestones, final resting place for signers of the Declaration of Independence, Revolutionary War generals, and Alexander Hamilton.

Stroll through the parks and waterfront esplanade. Explore NYCity’s newest and most hidden park, and then it’s oldest park, where the colonists pulled down the statue of King George III. Stroll the Hudson River Esplanade and find the best spots for photos of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. And more.


Pilgrimage to the Cloisters (by bike/coming soon)
Pictures are worth a thousand words, so before I write up this tour here are a few pix:

IMG_5300 IMG_5305 IMG_5314 20131020_155546 cloisters 193 IMG_5340


“Eating and Drinking on NYCity’s WestSide”
18 PremierPubs and 54 Good Eating Places in
9 Neighborhoods from Lower Manhattan to Greenwich Village to the Upper West Side

E-Book only $4.99! (coming Fall 2021, or after the dust settles, post Covid)
For less than the cost of a single beer, discover the best places to drink that beer.

Plus, find quality places to eat cheaply and quickly, “Fine Fast Food – NYCity Style” :
pizza,  burgers,  food trucks/carts/stands,  vegetarian/falafel,  ramen,  soup & sandwiches,  salad bars/buffets,  picnic fixins’,  hot dogs,  bbq,  raw bars,  and  lobster rolls.

When I walk past an Applebee’s or a TGIFriday’s in midtown, crowded with pilgrims from Dubuque, it makes me sad. In a town that has the widest variety of tasty, inexpensive ethnic food to be found anywhere in the country, why eat there? Probably because the chain restaurants are familiar places and tourists don’t know where else to go. Now you do. Save those other places for when you are back home.

Discover 2 PremierPubs & 6 Good Eating places in each of 9 Neighborhoods on Manhattan’s WestSide. Each PremierPub has been carefully selected, and is described in a brief essay that will give you a sense of the place, and convince you that these are places where you will have a good time.

Includes neighborhood maps with locations and closest subway stops clearly marked.

Special Introductory Offer
Bonus section lists 27 casual dining, chain restaurant locations on the WestSide,
all with good food and all with free wi-fi.

OR for just $6.99 buy the expanded edition that provides comprehensive lists of selected cultural venues and organizations for each of the 9 neighborhoods on Manhattan’s WestSide. A great way to plan your day.

Travel info needs to be current to be useful and reliable. This is an e-book, so the information will be updated regularly, unlike those old fashioned print travel guides that lose their accuracy between revised editions.
Buy the book and help to keep this site alive.

Want to live longer and improve your love life?
Take more vacations!

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