Selected Events Manhattan’s WestSide + Today’s Featured Neighborhood: WestVillage(04/29)

Today’s “Fab 5”/ Selected NYCity Events – TUESDAY, APR. 29, 2014.

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Writers on War
Join us for an evening honoring the release of Adrian Bonenberger’s new release Afghan Post, where great contemporary writers will discuss what it means to write about war. Adrian Bonenberger is a contributor to The New York Times blog, “At War,” and a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. His book is an epistolary memoir of his time serving in the military. Also speaking will be fellow veterans David Abrams, author of Fobbit, and Matt Gallagher author of the memoir Kaboom and an editor of the short story collection Fire and Forget. Lastly, they’ll be joined by the novelist Roxana Robinson, whose latest book, Sparta tells a story of returning from war. These remarkable authors will examine the challenges and importance of writing about war, and its place in contemporary American culture.

Active-duty United States Army officer Peter Molin will moderate the evening. Peter is an English professor at West Point, and writes the blog Time Now, which tracks artistic and literary works related to America’s contemporary wars.
Strand Book Store, 828 Broadway, at 12th St.
7:00pm / purchase of book required for entry.

Nickel Creek
“The mandolin looks tiny in the arms of the six-foot-plus Chris Thile, but his long fingers are no strangers to its skinny fret board. Thile started playing the instrument when he was five, and Nickel Creek came together when he was eight, after he met the Watkins siblings at a pizza parlor. The guitarist Sean Watkins was twelve, and his fiddle-playing sister, Sara Watkins, was eight.

That was twenty-five years ago, and these Southern Californians have been pluckin’ and pickin’ ever since. They recorded with Dolly Parton, released half a dozen studio albums, and won a Grammy, before going on a seven-year hiatus. During their time off, solo and side projects thrived, most notably Thile’s chamber bluegrass group Punch Brothers. To mark their twenty-fifth anniversary, though, they got back together and recorded a new album, “A Dotted Line.” It’s a polished collection of bluegrass-steeped tunes with an acute pop sensibility, expertly executed mandolin passages, and pristine vocal harmonies.” (NewYorker)
Beacon Theatre, Broadway at 74th St.

Join us for an illustrated talk and book signing by film historian and documentary writer James Sanders on the new edition of Scenes from the City: Filmmaking in New York. This revised and expanded edition, first published in 2006, is a celebration of the rise of New York-shot films, covering in particular the decades since NYC aggressively promoted the film industry through the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting, established in 1966.

James Sanders updates the past dozen years of filmmaking under the Bloomberg administration and adds a section on women filmmakers, as well as rare, behind-the-scenes shots directly from studio archives. The book also explores the recent growth of the City’s television industry. Today the entertainment industry employs 130,000 New Yorkers and contributes more than $7 billion to the local economy each year.

James Sanders, an architect, co-wrote the Emmy Award-winning PBS series New York: A Documentary Film and its companion volume, New York: An Illustrated History, as well as Celluloid Skyline: New York and the Movies.
Skyscraper Museum, 39 Battery Pl
6:30PM-8PM / FREE
All guests must RSVP to programs to assure admittance to the event.
Reservation priority is given to Members of The Skyscraper Museum.
(212) 968-1961 /

German Food: A Journey of Cheese, Wine, and Beer
The evolution of food and drink in Germany is an intriguing story about shifting populations, bounty and scarcity, and a firm pride in tradition. Come learn how Germany’s drive for innovation affects the development of new and unique cheese styles, how a worry over the scarcity of wheat led to a law dictating the quality of German beer to this day, and how the unique terrain of Germany gives us wines that hold their own on the world stage.

Join famed German gastronome Ursula Heinzelmann on a journey through time, learning about the evolution of German food and drink culture.
Bedford Cheese Shop, 67 Irving Place,
At 6:30 p.m. / $25.

Steve Kuhn, Steve Swallow, Joey Baron (through May 3)
“There’s a soft glow of erudition to “Wisteria,” a 2012 album by this acoustic piano trio. It comes from all three members of the group — the pianist Steve Kuhn, the bassist Steve Swallow and the drummer Joey Baron — but especially from Mr. Kuhn, one of jazz’s most careful rhapsodists, who recently turned 76.” (Chinen-NYT)
Birdland, 315 West 44th Street, Clinton,
At 8:30 and 11 p.m. / $40 cover, with a $10 minimum.

♦ Before making final plans, we suggest you call the venue to confirm ticket availability, dates and times, as schedules are subject to change.
♦ NYCity is a big town with many visitors where quality shows draw crowds. Try to reserve seats in advance, even if just on day of performance.

This Week in NYCity (courtesy NYPost, with the best covers anywhere)

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A PremierPub – West Village

Corner Bistro / 331 W. 4th St.

Sometimes you just need a beer and a burger. If so, Corner Bistro is the place you want. Located just outside the hip Meatpacking district, this corner bar and grill is decidedly unhip, but it’s not uncrowded, especially at night. Seems that everyone knows this place has one of the better burgers in town.

In the maze of streets known as the West Village, where West 4th intersects with West 12th (and West 11th, and West 10th, go figure), you will eventually find Corner Bistro on the corner of West 4th and Jane Street. An unassuming neighborhood tavern, it looks just like dozens of other taverns around town. The bartender tells me that the Corner Bistro will be celebrating it’s 50th anniversary next year. The well worn interior tells me that the place itself is much older.

Corner Bistro has outlasted many of those other taverns around town because they know how to keep it simple — just good burgers and beer, fairly priced. The classic bistro Burger is only $6.75, and should be ordered medium rare, which will be plenty rare for most folks. Actually, it will be a juicy, messy delight – make sure you have extra napkins. I like to pull up a stool and sit by the large front window in the afternoon, where I can rest my burger and beer on the shelf, and watch the Villagers walk by.

Corner Bistro seems to attract very different groups of patrons depending on time of day. While it’s crowded with locals in the evening, in the afternoon you hear different foreign languages, and watch groups of euro tourists wander in, led by their guidebooks and smartphones.

For the classic Bistro experience, order your burger with a McSorley’s draft, the dark preferably. This is the same beer that you can get over at the original McSorley’s in the East Village, the pub that claims to be the oldest continually operating bar in NYCity. The only difference is that this McSorley’s ale is served with a smile by the bartenders here. Or you can get a Sierra Nevada, Stella, or Hoegaarden on tap if you want to go upscale a bit. Either way this is a simple, but quality burger and beer experience that is just too rare these days (sorry for the pun).

Phone #: 212-242-9502
Hours: 11:30am-4am Mon-Sat; 12pm-4am Sun
Happy Hour: NO
Music: Juke Box
Subway: #1/2/3 to 14th St. (S end of platform)
Walk 2 blk W. on 13th St. to 8th Ave.; 1 blk S. on 8th Ave. to Jane St.

“Pub” is used in it’s broadest sense – bars, bar/restaurants, jazz clubs, wine bars, tapas bars, craft beer bars, dive bars, cocktail lounges, and of course, pubs – just about anyplace you can get a drink without a cover charge (except for certain jazz clubs).
If you have a fave premier pub or good eating place on Manhattan’s WestSide let us all know about it – leave a comment.
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