Selected Events + Today’s Featured Neighborhood: WestVillage (10/20)

Today’s “TOP 3″/ Selected NYCity Events – MONDAY, OCT. 20, 2014
“We search the internet everyday looking for the very best of What’s Happening on Manhattan’s WestSide, so that you don’t have to. We make it as easy as 1-2-3.”

25th annual New York Cabaret Convention (through Thursday)
The high point of the fall cabaret season arrives with four marathon evening concerts at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater. Produced by the Mabel Mercer Foundation, these performances celebrate the American songbook as interpreted by artists dedicated to its perpetuation.

Tonight’s opening show, “I Love a Piano,” hosted by the jazz violin whiz and comic wit Aaron Weinstein, celebrates the tradition of the singing pianist. Its roster of 16 acts includes Jason Robert Brown, Barbara Carroll, Nellie McKay and Steve Ross.

As always, the convention is a platform for discovery in which promising young talent rubs shoulders with nightclub legends.” (NYT-Holden)
All shows begin at 6 p.m./ $25 to $100.
Rose Theater, Jazz at Lincoln Center, 60th St. and Broadway,
212-721-6500 /

New York Television Festival (through October 25)
“Clearly, the boob tube is no longer a haven for mindless entertainment. The field has shifted, and television has largely supplanted film as the go-to medium for intelligent, original storytelling. The 10th annual New York Television Festival caters to TV tastes both high- and lowbrow, with seminars, parties, the Independent Pilot Competition and high-profile screenings galore for industry types, aspiring creators and fans alike.” (

“Travel the fourth dimension with this year’s science film fest.
A week-long affair that began Oct 17, the 7th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival takes the concept of time as its central theme. The programming is defined by its admirable diversity — the slate comprises work from 20 different countries, and almost half of the films scheduled to screen were directed by women — with some of the highlights including the recently restored 35mm print of Alain Resnais’s 1968 Je T’Aime, Je T’Aime (a noted influence on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) as well as a program of 16mm shorts. The festival jury, which will hand out $20,000 worth of prizes, includes among its members the artist Marina Abramovic.” (VillageVoice)

Tonight’s Feature: Focus On Infinity (7:00 pm)
A globe-spanning exploration of the universe and the people who’s lives are devoted to its study (New York premiere of Focus on Infinity) @ The Museum of the Moving Image
Screenings continue all week at various locations throughout the city and in New Jersey.

editor’s note: a 2nd hard drive failure in 7 months (what’s going on here Apple!) requires a reduction in daily event info on this site until the hardware issues have been resolved. while we use borrowed equipment and until further notice, the daily “Fab 5” is now the “Top 3”. we look forward to restoring full service soon.

♦ Before making final plans, we suggest you call the venue to confirm ticket availability, dates and times, as schedules are subject to change.
♦ NYCity is a big town with many visitors, where quality shows draw crowds. Try to reserve seats in advance, even if just on day of performance.

A PremierPub – West Village

Corner Bistro / 331 W. 4th St.

Sometimes you just need a beer and a burger. If so, Corner Bistro is the place you want. Located just outside the hip Meatpacking district, this corner bar and grill is decidedly unhip, but it’s not uncrowded, especially at night. Seems that everyone knows this place has one of the better burgers in town.


In the maze of streets known as the West Village, where West 4th intersects with West 12th (and West 11th, and West 10th, go figure), you will eventually find Corner Bistro on the corner of West 4th and Jane Street. An unassuming neighborhood tavern, it looks just like dozens of other taverns around town.

The bartender tells me that the Corner Bistro celebrated it’s 50th anniversary last year. The well worn interior tells me that the place itself is much older.

Corner Bistro has outlasted many of those other taverns around town because they know how to keep it simple — just good burgers and beer, fairly priced. The classic bistro Burger is only $6.75, and should be ordered medium rare, which will be plenty rare for most folks. Actually, it will be a juicy, messy delight – make sure you have extra napkins. I like to pull up a stool and sit by the large front window in the afternoon, where I can rest my burger and beer on the shelf, and watch the Villagers walk by.

Corner Bistro seems to attract very different groups of patrons depending on time of day. While it’s crowded with locals in the evening, in the afternoon you hear different foreign languages, and watch groups of euro tourists wander in, led by their guidebooks and smartphones.

For the classic Bistro experience, order your burger with a McSorley’s draft, the dark preferably. This is the same beer that you can get over at the original McSorley’s in the East Village, the pub that claims to be the oldest continually operating bar in NYCity. The only difference is that this McSorley’s ale is served with a smile by the bartenders here. Or you can get a Sierra Nevada, Stella, or Hoegaarden on tap if you want to go upscale a bit. Either way this is a simple, but quality burger and beer experience that is just too rare these days (sorry for the pun).
Phone #: 212-242-9502
Hours: 11:30am-4am Mon-Sat; 12pm-4am Sun
Happy Hour: NO
Music: Juke Box
Subway: #1/2/3 to 14th St. (S end of platform)
Walk 2 blk W. on 13th St. to 8th Ave.; 1 blk S. on 8th Ave. to Jane St.

“Pub” is used in it’s broadest sense – bars, bar/restaurants, jazz clubs, wine bars, tapas bars, craft beer bars, dive bars, cocktail lounges, and of course, pubs – just about anyplace you can get a drink without a cover charge (except for certain jazz clubs).
If you have a fave premier pub or good eating place on Manhattan’s WestSide let us all know about it – leave a comment.
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