September NYC Events + The Nifty Nine NYCity News Sources (09/24)

Pre Covid-19 we searched the internet everyday looking for the very best of What’s Happening, primarily on Manhattan’s WestSide, so that you didn’t have to.
We made it as easy as 1-2-3.

Covid-19 has required some changes for the time being.
Stay Safe.

For September we are going to try a different format – “Top 10 Corona Culture” – updated info and video especially suited to these difficult times OR NYC related visual info (Instagram and YouTube) OR all the NYC news you need to start your day.

We hope you will come back often to see what’s cooking here.
Today it’s The Nifty Nine NYC News sources.

All the NYCity News You Need to Start Your Day

The New York Times – New York Today / Daily Briefings

AM / Metro New York

The New York Times – Regional New York News

Wall Street Journal Greater New York (Region News)

Grub Street – NY Magazine’s Food and Restaurant Blog

Gothamist: News, Food, Arts and Events

The New York Times – Art and Design

Metro / New York Post

amNY Online

We hope you enjoy this change of pace, then please return here October 1, and every day for our daily, hot off the presses event guide with “Only the Best” NYCity event info.


Lower Manhattan – Did you know?

New York City is a city of neighborhoods and no neighborhood has more spectacular sights, nor more important links to American and NYC history then Lower Manhattan.

By 1775 colonial New York had become a “flourishing city” of perhaps 25,000 souls and some 4,000–5,000 buildings, nearly all of them jammed into the half square mile triangle forming the southern tip of the island.

There was an increasing need for a future street plan for an expanding city. The Manhattan street grid plan of 1811 — both figuratively and literally — defines the city. Let’s take a closer look (G2).

** The Manhattan Street Grid Plan: Misconceptions and Corrections — The Gotham Center for New York City History

Myth #1: “Randel’s Matrix” — The Gotham Center for New York City History

Myth #2: The Commissioners as Visionaries — The Gotham Center for New York City History

Myth #3: Aaron Burr — The Gotham Center for New York City History

The Gotham Center for New York City History, a research and public education institution, publishes “Gotham” a blog that is endlessly fascinating for scholars (and non-scholars alike) of New York City history. It’s the source for these articles.
You should check it out.


Now, how about some other useful information during these trying times.

Things to Do This Week – The New York Times

Here is a sampling of the week’s events and how to tune in (all times are Eastern). Note that events are subject to change after publication.

Actually Cool Things to Do in NYC Right Now – Thrillist

New York’s Reopened Museums: Where to Go and What to See – The New York Times




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