October NYC Events + NYC Weekend Corona Culture (10/03)

Pre Covid-19 we searched the internet everyday looking for the very best of What’s Happening, primarily on Manhattan’s WestSide, so that you didn’t have to.
We made it as easy as 1-2-3.

Covid-19 has required some changes for the time being.
Stay Safe.

For October we are going to try a different format – “Top 10 Corona Culture” – updated info and video especially suited to these difficult times OR NYC related visual info (Instagram and YouTube) OR all the NYC news you need to start your day.

We hope you will come back often to see what’s cooking here.
Today it’s NYC Weekend Corona Culture (sat). NEW STUFF!

Our critics and writers have selected noteworthy cultural events to experience virtually or in person in New York City. (NYT)


Virtual Culture This Weekend

We’ve got some weekend livestreams to keep you informed and entertained—across talks, lectures, and performances (with a real life event thrown in as well).  ThoughtGallery

ThoughtGallery is my primo site for “Smart Stuff” – the types of events you will find fascinating if you are just a little curious. Check them out every day – ThoughtGallery

Friday, October 2

Click the shutter for Photoville: An Evening with The New York Times, with a look at the year’s most striking stories, including contributors to Sources of Self-Regard: Self-Portraits From Black Photographers Reflecting on America.

If the state of American politics has you feeling like you’ve been in the sewer all week, maybe it’s time to really contextualize the metaphor. Join the New York Adventure Club for an exploration into the bowels of our infrastructure and the webinar The Underground History of Sewers (and What Not To Flush).

Saturday, October 3

Explore the “physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual benefits of meditation” with Deepak Chopra. He’ll premiere his new book, Total Meditation: Practices in Living the Awakened Life, and lead a meditation session. There will also be a lecture and a Q&A facilitated by Ashtanga teacher Eddie Stern. New York Open Center.

The free Photoville virtual talks continue with a gathering of New York-based Asian Americans who shared their experiences of pandemic-fueled racism with TIME magazine. Saturday evening they’ll participate in Asian Americans Reflect on Seeing Themselves, Race, and the Pandemic.

Sunday, October 4

“Foucault, had he lived to see it, would have found this moment truly thrilling in its rich possibilities for creative social transformation. He might have also said ‘I told you so.’” That’s how history professor Jamie Warren lays out the context for a Think Olio reading/lecture/discussion of Michel Foucault’s “Society Must Be Defended.” Warren will guide attendees through a complex text and a call to engagement in the face of rising anti-intellectualism.

Get inventive with The Museum of Interesting Things and a Secret Speakeasy dedicated to the History of Invention, with 16mm films and demos of antiques from the collection.

Beyond things to do in the virtual realm this weekend, keep up with all kinds of talks, lectures and activities all month long. Sign up for Thought Gallery’s weekly Curriculum, the best of smart quarantine culture delivered right to your inbox.


3 NYC Art Gallery Shows to See Right Now – The New York Times

Henni Alftan’s distinctive artistic vision; Sonja Ferlov Mancoba and Ernest Mancoba’s pairings; and Matthew Porter’s pandemic-tinged photographs.


20 Fun Things you can actually do in NYC right now

How to become a tourist in your own city.   (loving-newyork.com)



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