March NYC events + Top 10 NYC corona culture (03/19)

Pre Covid-19 we searched the internet everyday looking for the very best of What’s Happening, primarily on Manhattan’s WestSide, so that you didn’t have to.” We made it as easy as 1-2-3.

Covid-19 has required some changes. First of all, some very important information:

“There are multiple websites, disappearing slots and even attempts to game the system. Here’s our guide to what you have to do to get a dose in your arm.”


For March we are going to try a different format – “Top 10 Corona Culture” – updated info and video especially suited to these difficult times OR NYC related visual info (Instagram and YouTube) OR all the NYC news you need to start your day.

We hope you will come back often to see what’s cooking here.

Today it’s Top 10 NYC Corona Culture. NEW STUFF!

1. Best Things to do in NYC This Weekend – TONY

“Looking for the best things to do in NYC this weekend? Whether you’re the group planner searching for more things to do in NYC today, or you have no plans yet, here are some ideas to add to your list for this weekend. Check out the Spotlight on Orchids show at New York Botanical Garden, see a trippy new show at ARTECHOUSE or hop on a light-up installation at Domino Park.”

Here are just a few:

g. Meet New York Aquarium’s adorable new harbor seal pup
News City Life

The New York Aquarium has a furry new resident who’s gotten a fresh lease on life here in NYC. Sidney, a female harbor seal pup who was rescued as a newborn near Abalone Point in Laguna Beach, California, arrived at the aquarium in November and has been living her best life at the zoo’s Sea Cliffs exhibit. Sidney was only hours old (and likely born prematurely) when she was discovered alone on a rocky beach in February 2020. When she arrived here in November, aquarium staffers worked closely with her every day to help acclimate her to the new digs and smoothly transition into the harbor seals colony there. Meet her at the aquarium this weekend!

h. Meno’s rainbow crepe cake
News Eating

If you’ve always wondered what it would feel like to eat a cloud, you’re in luck: Thompson Street tea store Meno is now selling six varieties of crepe cake that are just as light, fluffy and, well, delicious as we’d imagine clouds would taste like. The offered flavors look and taste wonderful. Tea lovers will delight in the matcha crepe cake, for example, while adventurous folks might opt for the purple yam version of the treat. The most classic variety on sale is the rainbow crepe cake, but we must say that the strawberry, Oreo and rose versions also strike our fancy. The dessert isn’t the splashy store’s only claim to fame. Patrons head to the destination, which opened in the middle of the pandemic back in August, for fermented dark tea and coffee/juice concoctions that are worthy of a taste testing. You might want to try the Twilight (lemon, coffee) or the PPAP (pineapple, coffee).

i. A trippy new show at ARTECHOUSE
News Art

“Geometric Properties: An Immersive Audio-Visual Journey Through Fractal Dimensions,” is the first solo exhibition of Dutch artist Julius Horsthuis’ work to come to NYC. Previously, his work has been featured in Manchester by the Sea and through collaborations with musical artists like ODESZA, Meshuggah and Birds of Paradise. He uses fractals to create alternate science fiction-like realities using visual art and motion graphics, and they are a real trip, to say the least. The digital art destination on Manhattan’s west side (it’s literally located in Chelsea Market’s former boiler room) is opening the new show on March 1, and it will be on view through September 6. If you want to stop by and check out the endless geometric iterations and fractional dimensions for yourself—you frickin’ fractal freak you—tickets cost $24 for adults and $17 for children. (Pro tip: New York and New Jersey residents receive a $5 discount on tickets on weekdays.)

j. Sea Chanteys and Maritime Music Live Sing-Along
Music Online, Until Apr 4 2021

If you want to get in on the trend (And why not? It may be a while until your next adventure on the high seas) the South Street Museum has made it easy for you with a monthly sea-music event called “Sea Chanteys and Maritime Music.” The event is the original NYC shanty singalong, and it features members of The New York Packet singing songs round-robin from living rooms, kitchens and other spaces across the city.

Each online singalong also includes a virtual trip to the South Street Seaport Museum where you can check out links from the song selections to items in the museum’s collection. Best of all, since you can do it from the comfort of your couch, you don’t even need to find your land legs! The next one is on Sunday!

k. “Goya’s Graphic Imagination”
Art The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park Until May 2 2021

A new exhibition at The Met Museum explores how renowned Spanish artist Francisco Goya used prints and drawings to respond to the turbulent social and political changes occurring in the world around him through more than 100 works across three galleries. The work spans six decades and shows the turmoil of the Enlightenment, the Inquisition, and Spain’s years of constitutional government. You’ll see Goya’s early etchings, print series such as the Caprichos and The Disasters of War to his late lithographs, The Bulls of Bordeaux, and include albums of drawings that reveal the artist’s nightmares, dreams, and visions.

l. Spotlight on Orchids at NYBG
Things to do New York Botanical Garden, The Bronx Until Apr 4 2021

The New York Botanical Garden is forgoing its Orchid Show this year but is doing a limited Spotlight on Orchids across select galleries of the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, including intimate displays of orchids in brilliant white and striking colors set against the foliage of aroids, ferns, and bromeliads—planted as they might be found in nature and blending gracefully with their surroundings, NYBG says. You’ll get to discover unusual orchids and artful floral creations by Botanical Garden horticulturists that combine expressive orchids with rocks, tree trunks, vines, and other found materials.

NYBG’s Orchid Show will return in 2022. Until then, you can purchase a Garden Pass + Conservatory ticket, which includes access to the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory and outdoor gardens and collections.

Many more interesting things to do in NYC right HERE at Time Out New York


2. City Winery just released its awesome spring lineup and we’re oh-so-excited – TONY

Live shows are back.

“We’ve been waiting for this: City Winery just announced the return of live entertainment at its new flagship location at Pier 57 in Hudson River Park by releasing its spring lineup. Needless to say, it is looking great.

The nightly concerts kick off in April and will be limited to 100 people each given COVID-19-related guidelines (that would be 25% of normal capacity). Of course, expect socially distanced table seatings and a brand-spanking new air filtration system.”


3. NYC Indoor Dining Capacity Expands to 50 Percent Today –

Plus, restaurants and bars ramp up hiring efforts — and more intel

NYC restaurants will be allowed to operate indoor dining at 50 percent capacity starting today, following four weeks of operating at 35 percent capacity. It’s the lightest capacity restriction that NYC restaurants have operated under since the city first shut down dining rooms in March 2020. The rest of New York state restaurants can go to 75 percent capacity starting today, while Connecticut is lifting all capacity restrictions.

The rise to 50 percent capacity, which many NYC restaurants had been advocating for, was announced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo last Friday. While Mayor Bill de Blasio has not said he disagrees with the decision — as he has with the upcoming return to indoor fitness classes — he said in press conferences earlier this week that he will publicly voice concerns if data indicates that there is an uptick in COVID-19 spread following the relaxed restrictions.”


4. The Playbill Weekend Streaming Guide: What to Watch March 19–21 (

“A virtual walking tour of London’s West End, a new Erika Dickerson-Despenza play, and more online offerings this weekend.”


5. The best museum exhibitions in NYC right now – TONY

“Searching for listings and reviews for the best New York museum exhibitions and shows? We have you covered.

New York City has tons of things going for it, from incredible buildings to breathtaking parks. But surely, the top of the list includes NYC’s vast array of museums, covering every field of culture and knowledge: There are quirky museums and interactive museums, free museums and world-beating art institutions like the Metropolitan Museum. Between them, they offer so many exhibitions, of every variety and taste, that it’s hard to keep track of them. But if you’ve starting to suffer a sudden attack of FOMA, fear not! We’ve got you covered with our select list of the best museum exhibitions in NYC.”



6. The 25 best cheap eats in NYCTONY

“Eat for $10 or less at the best restaurants with cheap eats in NYC

UPDATE, October 29 2020: Dining out in New York City has never been so different than this year and it’s not only because restaurants had to shut down their dining rooms for more than six months. The current crisis has put a renewed focus on more affordable food options, whether you’re scarfing down tacos from a food truck or ordering dumplings from a mom-and-pop business in Chinatown. At Time Out New York, we’ve done the homework for you in discovering dishes, old and new, that are all $10 or under. 

The hefty prices at many New York restaurants can at times make the dining scene feel like it’s only for the elite. But some of the best restaurants in NYC still serve affordable bites for $10 or less. Dining on a budget in New York doesn’t have to feel like a constraint with our picks for jerk chicken, Sicilian-style pizza, creative veggie burgers, underground buffets, Cuban bakeries and more.”


7. Your Concise New York Art Guide for March 2021 –

“Your list of must-see, fun, insightful, and very New York art events this month.”


“Nicolas Cage hosts the history of swearing. Lorde writes a book and Julie Mehretu takes over the Whitney. This new year has to be better, right?”


9. Everywhere You Should Be Eating Vegan and Vegetarian Food in NYC thrillist

17 go-to spots for meatless eats.

“New York City is on the cutting edge of all things culinary, so it’s no surprise that plant-based eateries have been a fixture in the city for decades. In fact, restaurants like Candle Cafe, Dojo, Angelica Kitchen (RIP) and many more transformed meatless diets into a lifestyle to aspire to as early as the 1970s. While vegetarian and vegan eateries have continued to proliferate since then, one exciting newish trend is the introduction of plant-based options within the fast-casual space (e.g., Taim, by CHLOE, et al.) offering affordable and quickly prepared items that make it that much easier for New Yorkers to go meat-free.”


10. What’s Open in NYC | The Official Guide to New York City –

“Businesses across all five boroughs are working toward a common goal: to welcome back guests, employees and the community at large while ensuring everyone’s health and safety. Use this hub as a starting point for what’s open right now or opening soon, and make sure to follow up directly with any venue to confirm hours and protocols before you visit.”


11. The Metropolitan Opera is streaming free productions every night – TONY

The Met continues to share a different lineup of complete operas from its archives every week

“The Metropolitan Opera has closed its doors though at least September 2021, but the great New York opera house continues to lift the spirits of opera lovers around the world with free nightly streams of complete productions from its archives. Most of the offerings were originally recorded with multiple cameras in high definition to be shown in movie theaters as part of the company’s popular Live in HD series.

Each opera goes live on the Met’s website at 7:30pm EST (12:30am GMT) and remains there until 6:30pm EST the next evening. The operas can also be viewed with the Met Opera on Demand app on various devices.”

Nightly Opera Streams, March 15-21

Viewers’ Choice Week

The results are in! We asked viewers worldwide to help curate the next week of Nightly Opera Streams, and now we’re presenting your top selections—counting down to the No. 1 choice, the 2020 Live in HD transmission of Handel’s Agrippina. Explore the articles and resources below to expand your knowledge and enhance your experience as you enjoy the screenings


“For the cosmetics mogul and philanthropist Leonard Lauder, the city, with its museums, public transit and parks, is an explorer’s delight.”


“Get to a nearby park and get in shape (safely).”

Bonus#2: When the Bronx was a Forest: Stroll Through the Centuries – NYT

“Yankee Stadium was the site of a salt marsh. Concourse Plaza was a valley. Our critic walks with Eric Sanderson, a conservation ecologist.”


We hope you enjoy this change of pace, then please return here April 1, and every day for our daily, hot off the presses event guide with “Only the Best” NYCity event info. 


Stay home for a bit more – Mask up, stay smart and stay safe

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