November NYC Events (11/12/21)

Pre Covid-19 we searched the internet everyday looking for the very best of What’s Happening, primarily on Manhattan’s WestSide, so that you didn’t have to.” We made it as easy as 1-2-3.
Covid has required some changes.

Weekend Roundup

5 Things to Do This Weekend in NYC

“Our critics and writers have selected noteworthy cultural events to experience virtually and in person in New York City.”

Art & Museums



Film Series


What to See in N.Y.C. Galleries Right Now

Want to see new art this weekend? Start with Reynaldo Rivera’s moody photographs of drag bars from the ’70s. Then view Genieve Figgis’s delightfully mordant paintings of gentry. Below are plenty more suggestions from our critics.

Through Nov. 21. Reena Spaulings Fine Art, 165 East Broadway, Manhattan. 212- 477-5006;

Through Dec. 11. Almine Rech, 39 East 78th Street, Manhattan. 212-804-8496;

Through Nov. 21. La MaMa Galleria, 47 Great Jones Street, Manhattan. 212-505-2476;

Through Dec. 18. Cheim & Read, 547 West 25th Street, Manhattan. 212-242-7727;

Through Dec. 4. Andrew Edlin Gallery, 212 Bowery, Manhattan. 212-206-9723;

Through Nov. 13. James Cohan, 52 Walker Street, Manhattan. 212-714-9500;


So many great things to see and do, places to eat and drink in NYC.

How to find them? Here are 6 more of my fave NYC suggestions:

Now You Can Climb Outside a Skyscraper to the Top of New York City | Architectural Digest

Rockefeller Center’s Iconic Ice Rink Opens For The Season Next Week – Secret NYC

Egg Dishes are the Stars of NYC Basque Restaurant Ernesto’s – Eater NY

10 Best NYC Beer Gardens For A Sunny Fall Day – Secret NYC

Scooter sharing has finally come to NYC — is the city ready? – The Verge

6 Exciting Things To Do & Eat In NYC Between November 10th – November 13th – New York – The Infatuation


Best new restaurants in NYC

If you are looking for some of the best info on food and drink, restaurants and eating in New York City, then you want to head to New York magazine’s Grub Street.

Right now you want to check out: The Return of Restaurants

“Make up for lost meals. No takeout, no pasta kits, just 66 of the best new (or newly relevant) places to eat.”
Edited by Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld, Photographs by Dina Litovsky

Here are 3 more of my faves:

Try Simone Tong’s New Menu

Silver Apricot / 20 Cornelia St.

Last summer, as restaurateurs hastily built makeshift patios, Silver Apricot partners Emmeline Zhao and Simone Tong created a space that truly translated the dining experience to the street without sacrificing a bit of elegance or refinement. (Being situated on one of the West Village’s quieter blocks didn’t hurt.) Purse hooks on the plastic dividers, lavender planted along the perimeter, and quality glass and plateware made for a setting worthy of Tong’s inventive Chinese American dishes like chile-crab rangoon dip and burnished scallion puffs. Now they are renovating the dining room in preparation for indoor service and plan to reopen June 17 with a new seasonal menu.—A.K.

Binge on Bánh MÌ

Bánh Vietnamese Shop House / 942 Amsterdam Ave.

Veteran chefs John Nguyen and Nhu Ton began peddling their Vietnamese sandwiches and crispy pork-belly salad rolls from an empty pop-up space on the upper reaches of Amsterdam Avenue last summer, and the operation was such a hit that by January they’d put down permanent roots in the neighborhood. There are five varieties of toasty bánh mìs to choose from (when in doubt, order the charcoal-grilled pork), numerous sturdy classics from Ton’s native central Vietnam (try the Frisbee-size rice-noodle delicacy called bánh dap), and a deeply flavorful beef pho. —A.P.

See How Cervo’s Spruced Itself Up

Cervo’s / 43 Canal St.

Last summer, the outdoor-dining setup at downtown Portuguese-Spanish restaurant Cervo’s was a destination almost in spite of itself. Simple wooden folding tables and chairs sprawled across an unadorned and fluorescent-lit expanse of Canal Street. Counter-service orders were called out brusquely over a loudspeaker mounted on the building’s exterior. Serviceware was disposable. You found and bussed your own table. But the Dimes Square denizens flocked nonetheless, pushing together tables laden with dark-pink Spritzes, fried-fish sandwiches, and glistening head-on prawns. It was casual, cool, and as COVID-safe as one could hope for. Now, after a winter hiatus operating as a shop, the scene returns to Cervo’s, but this time the restaurant has full-service outdoor dining on a newly built yellow-tiled patio with proper glassware, plateware, and a menu of old favorites like piri-piri chicken, mussels escabeche, and crispy shrimp heads.—A.K.

Also see Eater New York’s interactive map that highlights
all 66 restaurants that deserve your attention.


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