January NYC events (1/1)

New Years Day during Covid is definitely a stay at home day.
I’ve gathered some of my favorite stories from “Untapped Cities” for your enjoyment.
Happy New Year!

Explore the Past and Future of Penn Station – Untapped New York

The Hidden Meaning Behind the Colors of the NYC Subway – Untapped New York

Edge Observation Deck at Hudson Yards Reopens – Untapped New York

The Roebling Family, Ill-Fated Designers of the Brooklyn Bridge – Untapped New York

Pomander Walk: NYC’s Most Exclusive Street – Untapped New York

The Most Beautiful Post Offices in NYC – Untapped New York

The 9 Best Observation Decks in NYC – Untapped New York

Floating Palaces, A History of Hudson River Steamboats – Untapped New York

The Boozy History of Voting in Bars on Election Day – Untapped New York

10 Great Places to See on the Brooklyn Greenway Ride – Untapped New York

Is the Greeley Square Bathroom “America’s Best Restroom”? – Untapped New York

GD: Untapped New York is one of my favorite sites and unearths New York City’s secrets and hidden gems. Discover the city’s most unique and surprising places and events for the curious mind. Subscribe to the Untapped New York newsletter or become an Untapped New York Insider.


Stay home for a bit longer. Mask up, stay smart and stay safe.

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